Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday's Writing Update: So Many Words and Kindle Fire

Happy Wednesday!

My review of Cher Green's Seduced by Darkness is on Surrounded by Books Reviews.

I got my Kindle Fire on Thursday, so I've been so excited about it. It does everything it says it does. The web browsing is even faster than my laptop. The picture quality is phenomenal. Now I haven't streamed a movie/TV show yet, but it's coming. There is a bit of glare to the screen, but no more than my laptop. I love it.

Now to the NaNoWriMo Update. If anything I've learned by doing NaNoWriMo is that I'm a plotter through and through. Starred was so easy to write, even though I randomly wrote scenes in it. I knew what those scenes looked like, so all I had to do was sit down and write what was planned out in my head. The Last Prophetess is taking twice as long to write because I don't know what comes next and I have to think about the scenes as I write them instead of being ready to sit down and write. That being said, I still hope to get 50,000 in The Last Prophetess by the end of November, but the first draft won't be complete until December. I think I'll skip scenes too, if I don't know what comes next. I feel like I do well with the out of order writing. It's okay to finish The Last Prophetess later, although I had hoped for to do better.

NaNoWriMo Stats:
Day 15: 51099 (Second Draft of Starred complete)
Day 16: 53438 (The Last Prophetess started)
Day 17: 56286
Day 18: 58174
Day 19: 58174 (Yeah, nothing written this day. :( )
Day 20: 61725
Day 21: 65152
Day 22: 68505

At the end of Day 22, I should've been at 73,333 words. So it didn't quite happen, but that's all right. I'll catch up. Who needs to talk to the family on Thanksgiving, right? *laughs* But something exciting did happen yesterday, though. I officially passed my highest word count in one month. In November 2009, I wrote 68,176 words. Now I'm above that number, so that is something to celebrate about, even if I am behind.

For those doing NaNo, have you gotten to your 50,000 words? Close to it? Given up? What are you working on?


C D Meetens said...

The Kindle Fire sounds lovely. Having new gadgets to play with is definitely my idea of fun.

I still think you're doing so well in NaNo, and I know you'll get there with The Last Prophetess. Two novels in two months still sounds extremely impressive to me!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've gotten a lot of NaNoWriMo-ing done. Congrats! I'm a bit behind. *hangs head shamefully* But like you said, the family can talk to me some other time. Any other time but November!

The Kindle fire sounds so cool! I may have to add it to my Christmas list. ;)

Christine Rains said...

You're doing fantastically even if you aren't where you planned to be. Perhaps TLP will be your best one yet without all the details planned out. ^_^ I've hit the goal and now I won't be writing for a little bit. You keep going! I can't wait to read TLP.

Anonymous said...

My daughter LOVES her new kindle fire, and I covet it, too! The Netflix movies also work great on it.

Sounds like you've made great progress with NaNo. High-five to you!
Ann Best, Memoir Author

Golden Eagle said...

Congratulations on your writing progress! :)

Misha Gerrick said...

Nicely done! I stopped my NaNo project at 25k. Now I'm focusing on rewriting my second WiP. :-)

Sarah Tokeley said...

I am so impressed at how much you've written this month. More than that hough, it may be first draft but it's stuff you wanted to write instead of padding. Congratulations, and Happy Thanksgiving to you.