Monday, September 19, 2011

Promo Monday: SAM THE NIGHT PERSON by Lisa Rusczyk

Title: Sam the Night Person
Series: The Night Person series, Book One
Author: Lisa Rusczyk
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Description: What is a night person? They thrive by moonlight, spreading lightening bolts and freezing the earth. They hide their powers from society.

Sam stays up all night, drinks coffee without pause, chain smokes cigarettes and secretly talks to the moon. Azzy knows it, but doesn't know why or how. Azzy has been having a series of obsessive daydreams about a young man named Sam. He seems to be a magician of sorts. All she knows is that she can't eat, sleep, drive or work. All she can do is think of Sam. She is in love, and she must find him.

She follows a daydream to a Colorado lodge where she has seen Sam in her mind. To her astonishment, he appears there the very next day. He doesn't believe her, but who would? Is she crazy? Sam and Azzy have a connection. Where did it come from? And who is behind it all?

Of course, there's always a reason for everything. Azzy's daydreams were no accident. Will they be able to withstand the man behind the torment? After years being apart, they find themselves facing the most destructive man of water magic they have ever known. He threatens their love. Together in heart and apart by necessity, they must find a way to stop him. 

Please visit the author on her blog for further information about this and her other works.


Alleged Author said...

Uh oh. I think the hubby is a night person....dun DUN DUN

Trisha said...

Sounds like an interesting story for sure!