Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday's Writing Update: New Review of Once Upon a December Nightmare, Google+ and Short Stories

Happy Wednesday!

At the bottom of the page, I have my total pageviews which reached over 10,000 yesterday. Wow!

I also was invited to Google+ last night. It's pretty nifty so far. If you need an invite, let me know. 

I meant to blog about this last week, but the holiday weekend fried my brain. I would like to thank Cher Green for her review of Once Upon a December Nightmare on Goodreads. She gave it 5 stars! Thank you so much, Cher! Here is her review: “Once Upon a December Nightmare is a rare breed. Very scary, well written, a page turner. It begins as an innocent outing for four friends, but becomes much more. We all wonder if urban legends are true, but what happens when you are face to face with one. Can you count on your friends, or will you stand alone. Read this book to find out how James, Mary, Denise, and Cassie stand up against a legend. A must read!” And, don’t forget to check out Cher’s new novella Escape to Love that’s now available here

I finished writing a couple short stories this week. “The Diary of James Smithland” is at Raven and the Writing Desk today. Our theme this month is wagon trails, and my story was Oregon Trail (the game) inspired. My second short story I’m planning to submit is to the Machine of Death 2 anthology. I wanted to submit something last year, but I ran out of time to write it, so I’m glad I’ll get something submitted this year.

The balance is getting better between reading, writing, and editing. I’m a little heavy into reading this month, but it’s getting there. This balancing act is tricky.

I can’t believe Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II is almost here! *fan girl squeal* I took off Thursday and Friday, so I can go to it. Can’t wait!

So, does anyone have news they’d like to share? How’s your writing going?


Christine Rains said...

I'm happy you're finding a better balance and that was a good review. I'm still jealous you're going to see HP! You need to live closer because I need a fangirl buddy! *LOL* Please send me an invite for Google+. I have been staying back from it for a moment, waiting to see everyone's reactions, but it seems most people like it.

Aubrie said...

Yay for a better balance! I need to read more. It definitely improves my writing.

Good luck with the Machine of Death submission. Your story rocks!

Sheila Deeth said...

Nice to know it's possible to get the balance right. I'm still working on it. I remember reading and enjoying December Nightmare.

Jessica said...

So glad you're submitting to the second Machine of Death anthology! Good luck!

Trisha said...

A friend and I are seeing HP on Saturday. Can't wait! I still find it amazing that some people out there haven't read the books and so don't know what's in store!

Congrats on the 5-star review - that's amazing!!

My writing is going decently, except I'm at the tail-end of a revision and kind of rushing to get done. Not the best way to revise I guess.

Jennifer Hillier said...

I got an invite to Google+ today but am embarrassed to say I have no idea what it is. I guess I'd better learn, quick!

Good for you for finding your balance. I still haven't found mine yet. I think it takes more discipline than I have right now... it's a constant struggle. All I want to do is read, but the current book needs another revision.

Misha Gerrick said...

Good on you for finding some balance. I just added another ball to juggle: Fashion Design. I'll see how that works out.