Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday's Writing Update: June Stats, July goals

Happy Wednesday! I hope people had a good holiday weekend. I wanted to wish a very special birthday to my daughter cat Cinderella. She turned five on Monday.

Half the year is over. It’s hard to believe. I have June’s stats and some goals for July.

June stats:
Submissions: 5
Rejections: 2
Acceptances: 1 (“Wishes” in Wicked East Press’s Under the Stairs...I’ll be in this one with my good friend and critique partner Christine Rains and her story “Fever.”)
Stories Now Available: 2 (“Phantom Kisses” is Erotica Quarterly Vol. 1, no. 3 and “Folding Hope” in Stories for Sendai)
Word Count: 5,582
Pages Edited: 832

I did manage a higher word count in June than May, but wow, my editing was rather high, I think. 832 pages. It’s like a Stephen King novel or something. *laughs*

My July goals are fairly simple: find a balance between editing and writing.

I need to continue to work on Virtuoso. I’m behind where I should be, but I have three months left to rewrite, edit, and polish it. I have three short stories for anthologies I’d like to write, one short story for Raven and the Writing Desk, blog posts, flash fiction, and the like. I want to continue to make time to read, edit, and write.

I took a bit of time off at the beginning of July. I mainly read over the weekend, but it’s time to get back into the groove of things. Wish me luck. I think I’ll need it.

So what else is going on with everyone? And how do you find balance in your life?


Summer Ross said...

Best of luck looks like you have a lot on your plate. I have been writing but it is attributed to school papers not stories. Have a great day!

Unknown said...

Wow, you have a busy writing schedule. I don't know if I could do so much editing in one month. I hope all your projects go well.

Cherie Reich said...

Thanks, Summer, and I hope you find some writing time that's not school-related soon.

Christine Rains said...

That is a ton of editing! I know you'll find your balance. :) A reading weekend is good to get your head in the right space. Some books are very inspiring. Balance in my life? There's none. I have no choice in the matter right now. My son has to come first in everything. I'd love to balance my day between him and writing, but I get in what little writing I can when he naps! Hopefully balance will come when he goes to school.

Trisha said...

Hmm.........monthly stats. Maybe an idea for me to pick up. And yet the way I keep track of wordcounts is...haphazard at best ;)

Cherie Reich said...

Trisha - The best way I keep up with word counts is to write them down somewhere each day. Keeping track of them a day at a time is much easier than trying to figure them out much later in the month. I also only count creative word counts (flash fiction, short stories, novels).

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the acceptance! Good luck finding a balance between writing and editing. I'm a bit too unstable for balance. ;)

Matthew MacNish said...

Thanks for the follow on Twitter, Cherie!

I followed you back and just wanted to stop by your blog to follow here as well.

Nice ta meet ya!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Balance? What's balance? Glad you have it together!

Aubrie said...

Balance is a great goal. I struggle everyday to balance exercise, flute, family, and writing.

Good luck! I know you can write more if you put your mind up to it.

Congrats on your acceptances!

Julie Flanders said...

Happy belated birthday to Cinderella! Such a great name for a cat. :)

It is hard to believe the year is half over, isn't it? Congratulations on your acceptance in June, you had a busy month for sure! Best of luck with your July goals.

By the way, I got my copy of Stories for Sendai today. I'm looking forward to reading your story!

Nicole Zoltack said...

Balance is key! I think I finally found my balance between editing and writing, so that's making me more productive all the way around and makes for one happy Nicole. :)

alberta ross said...

best of luck for this week - keep looking for the balance (where is it? I can't find it!)and happy belated birthdays to cat

Lisa Potts said...

Congrats on the acceptance! So cool you and Christine will be ther together. Your updates always amaze me! You are a busy girl.

Sheila Deeth said...

Makes my goals look very feeble. Congratulations on the acceptance.