Monday, April 18, 2011

Promo Monday: O is for Oil and Water

This week marks the one-year anniversary of the oil spill in the Gulf. For months, I remember watching the horror of the thick sludge pouring into the waters. Like the other recent tragedies around the world, the image from the oil spill I remember best is the one of the pelican drenched in thick oil and trying to fly. It flapped its wings, grounded upon the beach. Today, I'd like to mention the charity anthology, Oil and Water...and Other Things That Don't Mix.

Oil and Water...and Other Things That Don’t Mix
Anthology to raise funds to aid the Gulf Coast clean-up
Edited by Zetta Brown and Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson Brown

Published by LL-Publications
Release Date: December 15, 2010

$14.99 (US) / £9.99 (UK/EU)
ISBN:  978-1-905091-85-0
© LL-Publications, 2010

The BP oil spill disaster in April 2010 prompted authors Zetta Brown and Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson Brown from the She Writes™ online community of writers to develop the charity anthology Oil and Water...and Other Things That Don’t Mix. All proceeds will be divided between charities that not only help the wildlife and environment, but also the people living in the area. With this in mind, they picked the charities of The Bay Area Food Bank ( and MOBILE Baykeeper® ( to aid their continuing mission to help the Gulf Coast communities affected.

After placing a call for submissions last June, the resulting anthology features award-winning authors, poets, journalists, bloggists, newly published authors, and talented new authors making their debut. The women and men contributing to the anthology came from everywhere wanting to do something to help the Gulf region.

The official theme of the anthology is “Conflict...Resolution optional.” Not all stories are specific to the South, but all have the theme of conflict and there is fiction and non-fiction inside. The stories, poems and recollections will make you laugh, cry, think—and some may even get you angry—and topics range from personal relationships to dealing with the kitchen oven.

The editors of Oil and Water...and Other Things That Don’t Mix are from the South. Zetta Brown is from Texas but currently lives in Scotland with her husband Jim Brown, and together they own and operate LL-Publications that will publish the anthology. Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson Brown was born and raised on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. She is currently an editor and ghostwriter for several publishing houses in New York and the Berkshires and is following in the footsteps of her grandfather Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, founder of DC Comics.

“Despite our names, Nicky and I are not related,” says Zetta Brown. “In fact, we have never met in person. We met through the social network She Writes™ in the Southern Writers subgroup.  When the oil disaster happened, the members in our little group were disgusted—which is Southern for ‘pissed off.’ I had the idea of doing an anthology to benefit charities dealing with the disaster and I approached Nicky because she has deep roots in the Gulf. She came up with the name and we’ve been running with it ever since.”

Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson Brown adds, “I am a seventh generation Gulf Coastal inhabitant and the only way I can describe how I felt once the oil started gushing is that my heart broke. My mother’s family arrived in New Orleans around 1820 and we’ve been somewhere on the coast between there and Pensacola, Florida ever since. The Gulf Coast has been through so much, particularly in the last six years--one devastating hurricane after another, economic difficulties, over-development and now this horrific oil spill. The charities that we honor in our donations are doing the best they can to help the people and the environment on the coast.”

Oil and Water...and Other Things That Don’t Mix is scheduled for release on December 15, 2010 and will be available from,, direct from the publisher at, and from many other online book retailers. Other retailers who wish to carry the book should contact Jim Brown at editor(at) for details.

Orders are now being taken. Visit the Oil and Water...and Other Things That Don’t Mix page at LL- Publications:

LL-Publications ( is an independent publisher based in Scotland specializing in genre and literary titles in both print and ebook formats since 2008.

Contact:  Zetta Brown, editor(at)
Please follow:

Authors and titles in order of appearance:
Three Haikus from an Angry God ~ Tynia Thomassie
Before Petroleum ~ Patricia Anne McGoldrick
"Sewer" Candy Store ~ Amy Wise
Recipe for Disaster ~ Lissa Brown
An Ordinary Difference ~ Karen Pickell
Keeping Up with the Coles ~ Angela Elson
Where Luck Lies ~ Mary Larkin
Out of Space ~ Kelly Martineau
Call Out ~ Maureen E. Doallas
Black Waters ~ Nicole Easterwood
The Scent of Dreams ~ Jarvis Slacks
Tradition ~ Cherie Reich (Moi)
A Bowl of Red ~ Jenne’ R. Andrews
Fellowship at Hardee's ~ Shonell Bacon
Renegade Vegetarian ~ Mollie Cox Bryan
No Thank You ~ Carl Palmer
Loving Lola ~ Dania Rajendra
A Litany of Bruises ~ Dallas Woodburn
Excerpts from Bastard Husband: A Love Story ~ Linda Lou
Jack Black Flag ~ John Klawitter
Lost Bay ~ Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson Brown
BoP This ~ Tynia Thomassie
In the Forest of My Dream ~ L B Gschwandtner
Butterfly ~ Mylène Dressler
The Grass is Greener ~ Zetta Brown
The Maslins ~ Ginger McKnight-Chavers
Tomboys and Peach Chiffon ~ Kimeko Farrar
Civil Rights in Black and White: Searching for Viola / Willie Nell Avery's Advice ~ Melanie Eversley
Reconciliation and Procrastination ~ Kimeko Farrar


Aubrie said...

I hope it does raise a lot of money for the Gulf Coast clean up.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Now that's a worthy cause!

Alleged Author said...

I hope it is very successful. Lord knows they need to the money for clean up after something that disastrous.