Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday's Writing Update

Another week has gone by, and it's time for the last Wednesday's Writing Update of 2010.

Don't forget to check out Flash Fiction Fridays. Last Friday's fiction pairs up with this week's fiction. You can read "Geese, Swans, and Milking Maids" here. Speaking of flash fiction, I wrote my first flash fiction piece for January on Monday.

Yesterday, I blogged about my blogging resolutions for 2011. Tomorrow, I will blog about my writing resolutions for 2011.

Although last week I didn't write much, I did finish reading two more books and reviewed them. You can read the reviews for qi by Elizabeth A. Svigar and The Fall Guy by Simon Wood here.

Yesterday, I finished writing my pirate fantasy story "Silver Hand Sam." I will do some edits today, and then I'll read through it one last time before submitting it tomorrow to Wicked East Press's Cutlass & Musket anthology.

I still have one submission out in submission world, which is "Defying Gravity." It's been short-listed for Pill Hill Press's Fire & Ice anthology for about ten months now. I should know something soon.

I've started working on Virtuoso again. I'm going through it and making a list of characters in order of appearance as well as creating some brief character sketches for main characters. Since I'm doing a complete rewrite, some characters who were only mentioned once or twice might end up with a bigger role, so I have to be ready. I plan to do some research today and tomorrow for it. Then, I'll have world building, plot outline, and a synopsis to write. I hope to get a lot of these things done before Monday, so I can begin rewriting it then. We'll see how it goes. I want to do this draft right, so I can send it to my CPs, print it out and do an in-depth edit, and then edit some more when I get things back from my CPs before sending it to agents. And, yes, I'll be working on query letters throughout the process. Virtuoso does have a partial request from an agent I met at the James River Writers Conference, so she'll get first pick. Then, we'll go from there.

I'll mention more about writing in 2011 tomorrow.

Until then.


Nicole Zoltack said...

Aargh, this month has been so unproductive for me. I have been better the best two days at least so hopefully this will turn around for me!

Cherie Reich said...

Nicole - I bet you've been busy with the holidays and two children and a husband and all that stuff! I'm sure once things calm down that it'll get easier.

I did really well the beginning of the month because I was still on a NaNo high. Then, the holidays slowed me down, but it's picking back up. I hope. :D