Thursday, November 4, 2010


Sheila Deeth won a free copy of my Once Upon a December Nightmare. After reading it with a cup of instant hot cider, she wrote up a review for it. Thank you so much, Sheila! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Here is Sheila's review:

Once Upon a December Nightmare, by Cherie Reich

This midwinter night out’s a bust, just James and three girls in a truck taking the long way home and thinking maybe the straight road would’ve been best. Author Cherie Reich paints a tense picture with her words, trees standing black in white snow lit by red brakes. And the drive goes on.
“Creepy” describes more than just the scenery. Soon the young people are on foot, making their way through cold and dark, reminding themselves that “You never split up” if you want to survive a horror movie, telling stories that might be better kept for a safe warm house. Meanwhile, the author cleverly splits chapters up into different points of view, each adding to the picture already given of characters and situation, each adding to the tension.
And, yes, the young people split too.
Once Upon a December Nightmare is a delightfully creepy modern tale, with old-time overtones, believable scares, and a breathless epilogue. It’s another excellent lunch-time e-read from Wild Child Publishing.

(Side note to Sheila: I know you said this was a first draft, so if you came up with a better one, I'll switch them out.)