Thursday, November 18, 2010

Harry Potter 7.1

Tonight at midnight, I'll be at the movie theater watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, or what I like to call Harry Potter 7.1, since it's the first part of the two-part movie. 
I became a Harry Potter fan in the summer of 2001. The first movie was coming out in November, and I heard of the books. Several friends recommended them, so I decided I would give in and read the first book. I bought the copy in paperback at Walmart. Then, a strange thing happened. Like most people who read the books, I was sucked into this magical, fantastical world. Reading the first book wasn't enough. I scrambled to the store and devoured the second book, the third book, and the fourth book. What? JK Rowling hadn't finished the others! What was I going to do while I wanted for the fifth book to come out?

I created a roleplaying game on yahoo groups. Then, I created another Harry Potter roleplaying game. Then, I joined other people's Harry Potter roleplaying games. At one point, I was in over twenty different Harry Potter RPGs. It wasn't enough. The fifth book came out. The movies were there. I had to do more.

In 2003, I began to write Harry Potter fan fiction until 2005. It was my start of writing, even though I was playing in someone else's world. 

From RPGs and fan fiction to reading the books and watching the movies, I was as immersed in Harry Potter's world as the characters were to some extent. 

For the last two books, I went to Harry Potter book parties at Walmart, and I won a free copy of each book because of my vast knowledge. *smacks head* I still can't believe I forgot Brian, though, for Albus Dumbledore's full name. I knew all of it except the simplest name! It was great. 

When I held Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in my hand, the first thing I did was turn to the last few pages. I had to know whether he lived or died. Yeah, I cheated, I know. But I had to know. I couldn't read the rest of this wonderful series without knowing. Then, I turned to the beginning and kept reading until it was finished. I cried almost the entire way through that book. It wasn't just because everyone was dying. It was because it was the end of something I loved. There would be no more (unless JK Rowling changes her mind). 

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the only book in the series I haven't re-read, and I haven't re-read the other books since reading it because I know who will die and it makes me sad. I'm still not over Dumbledore's death! Poor Dumbledore! *sobs*

Okay, I'm okay. I even miss Voldemort. I never found him to be evil. Misguided perhaps, but not necessarily evil. You want evil, you go to Umbridge. I loath that woman. Abhor her. Hate her. There isn't a word strong enough to share in my passion of hatred for her. 

And, I still think Snape is the best, most complicated character ever. 

So tonight, I will go with tissues in hand to cry, laugh, and cheer on my favorite trio. I can't wait to see this movie, even though it does make me sad that it's so close to the end of the Harry Potter movies. 
And, I still like to think the Harry Potter world might be real.

But, shh, don't tell the Muggles.


Nicole Zoltack said...

Snape was the best character eva! I love Snape. I can't wait to see the movie!

Jessica said...

I hadn't read any Harry Potter until spring 2005 when I read Sorcerer's Stone for a children's lit class. I had been skeptical about the series until then, but fell in LOVE after the first book. After the semester was over and I had time, I read books 2-5 back-to-back so I could get the 6th on its July release date. Then it seemed like forever waiting for the 7th!

I think the most wonderful thing about the series is how it has inspired an entire generation of people to read, or to try writing their own stories.

Hope the movie was great! I won't get to see it until next week :-(

Aubrie said...

Glad you liked the movie! I haven't seen it yet, but I'm looking forward to going.

I love Snape and the actor that plays him. He was also good in Sense and Sensibility.

Cherie Reich said...

The movie was pretty awesome, although there were a few scenes I wished they'd kept in. I laughed. I cried. And, I don't know if I can wait until July for Part II.