Monday, October 11, 2010

Promo Monday

Thank you for tuning into Promo Monday. Today, I'll talk briefly about Bloody Carnival and Mertales.

Title: Bloody Carnival
Edited by Jessy Marie Roberts
Publisher: Pill Hill Press (September 2010)
Link to Purchase:

Book Blurb: Step right up, step right up. It's a bloody good time! Rediscover carnivals, amusement parks, county fairs, the circus, rodeos and more in this gruesome tribute to the fun, fanfare and frivolity of festivals. Freak shows, rusted rides, demonic ringmistresses, demented clowns, melting beauty queens, flesh-eating fun-seekers, ghosts, gremlins and other terrors haunt the pages of this bloody collection of thirty-four short stories.

I haven't read all the stories yet. My story "Freak Show" begins on page 183 and focuses on a young, mutated child's formation into a full monster. This is the same monster as featured in my ebook Once Upon a December Nightmare.

Also, my friend Nicole Zoltack's story "Carnival of Shadows" begins on page 147 and worth reading. It's about teenagers entering a ghost-like carnival.

I received my limited-edition hardback copy last week. It's so cool! The paperback version is currently on sale through Halloween.

Title: Mertales
Edited by Dulcinea Norton-Smith
Publisher: Wyvern Publications (October 2010)
Link to Purchase:

Book Blurb: In this collection of short stories for teens, readers will be plunged into tales of terror and love, with unimaginable beings of the deep.

From the kelpies and banshees of Tim Reed's "Waiting at the Water's Edge" to the shark-men of Jerry Sutton's "Discovery on Neptune Two," we meet some of the less understood watery creatures.

Dark and dangerous, Mertales will captivate and thrill, as selkies, kelpies, mermaids and river gods keep you captive within its murky depths.

Once again, I haven't read all the stories yet. My story "Neptune's Treasure" begins on page 67. My story focuses on Aiden, who discovers how hard the recession has hit his family and a mermaid's treasure that could bring his family out of it.

I have two close friends with stories in Mertales. Aubrie Dionne's story "Tempest's Saviour" begins on page 80, and Nicole Zoltack's story "Beauty is Only Fin Deep" begins on page 247 and ends the book.

Last week, I also received my contributor's copy of Mertales!

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