Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Author Interview with Lisa Rusczyk

Today we have an interview with Lisa Rusczyk. She is the author of several books and an editor. Her book Chasing the Dark was published by Passionate Writer Publishing (PWP) yesterday. You can purchase it here and read my review of it here

Lisa's Blog

(I'm in bold. Lisa's answers are regular.)
Thank you for joining us, Lisa. Tell us a little about yourself.
I just moved into a new house with my soon-to-be husband and our six cats. I work two jobs, one writing for Demand Studios and the other editing and critiquing manuscripts for Passionate Writer Publishing.

How exciting about the new house and upcoming nuptials! Congrats! I just want to say I loved reading Chasing the Dark. You have a fantastic way with characters and bringing them to life. Chasing the Dark involves the darkness of humanity with drugs, rape, murder, etc. And, yet there is a light to the characters and hope. How did you come up with such a fascinating idea for this novel?

I passed an ambulance one day and wondered if there were people who chased them down to see the destruction. I wondered what kind of people would do that and why.

Lawyers do that. Well, unsavory ones. *laughs* I've read on your blog that it didn't take you long to write it. How long did it take you? Do you normally write novels so quickly?

This book took six days to write and years to edit. I usually take a whole lot longer to write a book, sometimes up to five years.

That's just amazing! I can't imagine writing a first draft of a novel in just six days. I know you're also a freelance editor right now for PWP. Do you find your editing experience helps you when you write short stories and novels? 

It definitely helps. Spending all day reading, editing and putting a lot of thought into what might make a story better helps all my writing.

What is it like to edit a novel? Do you focus on content or grammar/spelling or both?

At first, I was hired as a proofreader, so I mainly did grammar and fixed mistakes. Now I have more editing responsibilities and can make decisions on word phrasing and taking out things that aren't necessary. My editor has a lot of faith in me. She says, "Just make the book better."

I've always thought I would be a great proofreader, but I don't know if I would want the responsibilities as an editor. I'd be terrified I wouldn't know enough to make someone else's book better. It's so great you can do it, though. You're also the editor/creator of the blogzine Hazard Cat. Tell us a little about it and what do you look for in your submissions.

Anything cat-related that touches me in a personal way will always get accepted. It's been amazing how many people write so well about cats and their habits and their stories. I wish I had more money so I could post every day, but in time that might be happening.

Cats rule! I enjoy reading that blog. So, you edit and run your own blogzine. What other works do you have available for people to read that you've written?  

The Blue Pen, Sam the Night Person, Full Moon in December, A Dream of the Past, and The Message. Mixed genres. 

Oh, don't forget your 21 Lucky Shorts on Amazon! *grins* What are you working on currently?

I'm working on a few projects right now. I'm getting through a short story for an anthology that one of the other PWP writers is putting together. I also have several novels that I pick at from time to time.

That's great, Lisa! I don't know where you find the time for all you do. Do you have any other projects forthcoming?  

I have nothing to be published planned right now after this one, Chasing the Dark. Need to get crackin'.

I'm sure you'll have something else soon. Thanks so much for joining us today and the best of luck to you!

Thanks again, Cherie!!!



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