Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Review: Aubrie Dionne's NEBULA'S MUSIC

-->Title: Nebula's Music
Author: Aubrie Dionne
Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc. (March 2010)

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When Nebula's fingers strike the piano keys, this cyborg sees and feels things that are impossible. Her memories aren't her own but are Miralee's, who Nebula's body once was. Nebula searches to find more about her past before becoming a cyborg. Her path leads her to Radian, a radical taken aboard their UPA spacecraft. He has the answers she seeks. When the Gryphonites capture Radian and Nebula, they have to find a way to escape a fate worse than death and find Mora, Miralee's sister.
Aubrie Dionne's Nebula's Music is a beautiful tale of love, friendship, and discovery. The cyborg becomes human as Nebula discovers her true identity. This science fiction story brilliantly blends space adventure and technology with romance. The wonderful descriptions are as musical as a piano concerto. It has enough science to satisfy the diehard sci-fi fans and enough of everything else to allow the rest of us to enjoy the story. I thoroughly enjoyed Nebula's Music.

Please visit Aubrie's blog at authoraubrie.blogspot.com/ and her website at www.authoraubrie.com/ for more information of her books.

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Aubrie said...

Thanks so much Cherie! I can't believe you got it done will all your other work going on!