Monday, February 22, 2010

Creative Award


Aubrie gave me this pretty cool award! Thank you, Aubrie! Now I'm going to get really creative. I have to list 6 outrageous lies and one truth. Everyone needs to guess which one is the truth:

1. I have a twin sister named Caterina. She lives in Europe and attended boarding school in England. I haven't seen her since we were in sixth grade. She has the life I wish I had.
2. I received my letter from Hogwarts when I was eleven, but I went to Circe's School of Sorcery instead. Go chimaeras!

3. The reason I know so much about mythology is because I'm actually the goddess Athena.

4. When I'm Queen of the World, I'll make you my favorite royal subject.

5. Hold on! I see a light in the sky! It's the bat signal! Batgirl is on the way!

6. I've performed in front of seven hundred people in a production of Grease.

7. I have the world's largest library. The Library of Congress borrows its books from me.

Now, which one is the truth? I know you'll have a hard time guessing, but take your time and think hard. *winks*


Lisa Rusczyk said...

I know you're Athena because I'm Medusa - you need to see my hair today.

Aubrie said...

Will you have to marry Leo Decaprio to be Queen of the World? How do you feel about that?

Although it does look like you have a large library, I'm going with #6 because I know you're into theater.

Cherie Reich said...

I'd rather not marry Leo to be Queen of the World. I would have gone for Queen of the Universe, but I thought that might be rather presumptuous. *laughs*

And, I wish I had that large of a library. That would be awesome! And, you're correct, Aubrie.