Friday, January 8, 2010

Submission: Eat Your Heart Out

I finished writing my first short story of 2010. It is a psychological horror short story titled "Eat Your Heart Out." Here is what it is about: Jim Reynolds has suffered a painful betrayal when his wife Melissa had an affair years ago on Valentine's Day. She broke his heart, and he has to now break hers. As the pounding in his head increases each Valentine's Day, he has to find a way to stop it. After finding a nearly identical person to be his wife Melissa, he relives the day everything changed. Yet, once again, "Melissa" breaks his heart, and he has to do what he can to stop the pain.

I submitted this story today to Pill Hill Press for their first writing contest. The top three winners receive money and a copy, and the runners up receive a contributor's copy. The stories will be published in an anthology called Love Kills. I hope that my story has a decent chance to be a runner up, although it would be amazing to have one of the top three stories. I doubt that'll happen, though. So, I'll be happy for it to be a runner up.

As for my writing goals in January, I want to do a complete rewrite of "Soul Survivor" for Abandoned Towers. I would like to write my thriller short story "Grave Mistakes" for Emerald Tales "It was a bright and sunny day" issue. I plan to begin writing book two of the Phoenix Trilogy: The Phoenix Sorceress.

I also need to continue doing my rewrites/edits for The Phoenix Prophetess.

Otherwise, I hope everyone has a happy Friday. I really wish it would warm up some. My hands and fingers are ice cold and my joints ache, even though I'm not even twenty-eight yet. Sad, I know. Oh, well. C'est la vie!


Aubrie said...

You'll be twenty eight soon enough! *laughs* I'm cold too. In the winter I wear leggings underneath long skirts and three layers on top. That seems to help even though I feel like a marshmellow woman all stuffed up. Good luck with your submissions!

Cherie Reich said...

Yes, two months from today, I'll be 28. I've been wearing a sweater jacket sometimes at work over my long-sleeved shirt to keep warm. Today is especially cold. It's only 23 outside in Roanoke (city part). At home, my mom said that it was around 14. Way too cold.