Thursday, June 11, 2009

Moonlight Murders - Chapter Two

I finished writing chapter two of Moonlight Murders today. It took me two days to write the chapter, since I was interrupted on Tuesday and didn't get back to it until today. I like where it is going so far, and it's so much fun to delve into their backgrounds more. In Chapter Two, we get a glimpse of Liam O'Hare's background. I won't go into it here, unless you beg me. I'm not one to keep my own secrets well. *laughs* I'm taking my time with this story in a way though because I would like for it to be 50,000-60,000 words in length. So far, the story is 4,360 words. I would like to write two chapters a week, but I am going to be realistic and say one chapter a week. I still want to keep the one chapter a week for The Phoenix Prophetess, and it does come first on my writing schedule. It would be nice to finish Moonlight Murders in two-three months though. Once I finish writing and editing it, I do plan to submit it to Mystic Moon Press. For one, I can't send it anywhere else because of my contract. For two, I really want to have it published there and hope it is long enough to be in print. The public library that I work for has already said that they would buy my book for people to check out, if it comes out in print. That means I could be at work and check out my book to someone. *grins* That would be the coolest thing ever! Maybe tomorrow if I get a chance I could begin writing chapter three. Plus, I can't forget that I need to start coming up for ideas in the wizards anthology that my good friend Christine told me about. I definitely want to write a short story for it, but I do have a while.

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