Thursday, June 25, 2009


I finished writing "Eclipse" today. It is a fantasy/dark fantasy short story that I plan to send to the Way of the Wizard anthology. The reading opens up on July 1, so I will likely submit it then. "Eclipse" is 4,174 words long. Here is the blurb on what it is about:

Raven Woodcroft has a very special magical ability. She can steal light and create darkness. She has even taken away the light of the moon; and thus, she acquired the nickname Eclipse. She is a world-class thief in a land that is torn between warring magics. When the Sorceress Mordetta of the west calls for Raven's talents, the young woman answers. The Sorceress wants her to steal a book from the infamous and mysterious Magician. No one has ever been to his castle or seen the enigmatic Magician. Raven is up for the challenge, but as she enters the Magician's castle, she realizes that she has met her match and is captured. Will she manage to escape with the book? Or will she give the Magician what he wants for a price?

I'm really excited about this story. I've had Raven Woodcroft in my mind for a long time and have been wanting to find a place to use her. We'll have to see if Eclipse will find a home or remain the orphan thief she is.

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Aubrie said...

It was awesome! The Way of the Wizard doesn't even know what's coming to it...

Great job Cherie!