Friday, May 29, 2009

Review - The Case of the Tom Cat

This is the second review that I received for my e-book short story The Case of the Tom Cat. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing it!

The Case of the Tom Cat by Cherie Reich

The Case of the Tom Cat is a curious mystery written in a Sherlock Holmes style. Told from the assistant’s perspective, Dr. Johnson, we see the world through his eyes as he admires the Detective O'Hare's keen observation and deductive reasoning. We are not aware of the full extent of his friend’s plan until the story unfolds, creating a sense of suspense throughout.

The character motivations were well thought out, and all the pieces fall together in the end. As a reader, I particularly liked Charlotte Parker’s character. She is a strong and intelligent journalist that writes under a male pen name to be taken seriously. This historical reference shows how difficult it was for women to become writers, and how far the world has come today.

Overall, Reich has written an entertaining period piece.

Aubrie Dionne, author for Mystic Moon Press and SynergEbooks

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